Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween 2009

Remember our unhappy flower from Halloween 2008? (click here and scroll down to the 4th picture for a reminder)
Well, we started out with an unhappy Lion for Halloween 2009.
We took off the costume for a picture with my four and cousin Avery (a happy flower).

Then we put the costume back on once we learned that only kids in costume actually get the candy in their buckets.

What fine ninja moves - don't break my camera, please! Kilian was actually Superman for the school Halloween parade, but wanted to switch to last year's ninja costume for Saturday night. I liked the Superman better, so maybe this will teach me not to forget my camera for school functions.

No candy for them this year, so the babies chat about how unfair their lives are. They don't look disgruntled, do they?



Liss and MOMMY said...

Did your Grandmother move to Lubbock? I just noticed her in the picture... The kids look soo cute!

Lael said...

Yes, she did! She moved during the summer and we have really enjoyed being able to visit her, go to the library with her, and take advantage of some babysitting by her!! and an added bonus in Camille's eyes...Meemaw lives very close to the mall!