Friday, July 29, 2011

Camille turns 5!

We celebrated Camille's birthday on Father's Day while we were still in the Houston area. The day started with a bright and early trip to Shipley's donuts before church. Yes...very bright...and very early for us in the summer.
I know Camille enjoyed getting to go into a donut shop since we usually just do drive through on the days they talk me into it. It was really a treat for me, though, since I fell in love with Shipley's when I was in college. There are not any in the Lubbock area.

Oliver just likes chocolate iced with sprinkles no matter where we are.

She was sufficiently spoiled at Grammy's house. There were cupcakes and candles
and presents
and family! (That is Brad's dad, "PawPaw" holding Genevieve in case anyone couldn't guess!)
She got to open more presents when we got back to Lubbock. This is one girly girl. She wanted and received jewelry, more jewelry, kits to make jewelry and a real jewelry box and some pretty new clothes/shoes.
5 things I love about Camille

* her sweet, high-pitched {helium-like} voice

* how she is always willing to unload the dishwasher

* how she and I share a big glass of chocolate milk with two straws almost every night

* how much she loves to color - she entertains herself for hours!

* her fabulous poses for pictures

and a bonus #6...I love her patience since this was supposed to be her first birthday to have a party with friends and I have still not organized anything! I need to do the detective work to get contact info for her school friends. Shame on me!