Monday, May 21, 2012

New Stuff

Here we are just waiting for the twins to arrive now.  I have been very focused on just making it to the month of May, so I am surprised by the amount of free time I have now that we are this far into it. Here is what's new with us since my last post.

new glasses

new carpenter skills

new communion-taker (yay Lucy!!)

new net to match big brother's (watch out lepidoptera of the south plains!)

new missing tooth

new vocabulary
Not yet 3 and he recently said, "This is my conversation and it truf.  I'm mad!" when I wouldn't let him outside by himself.  He is also capable of saying nice things like "don't worry baby, it'll be fine" to Genevieve.

new glasses prescription

and new hearing aid - which has been wonderful for all of us

new tree swing

at Noni and G-Pa's house

is a big hit

new profile
and finally, new walker
Genevieve waited until around Easter (16 1/2 months old, less than 2 months before her twin brothers are born) to start walking as well as routinely sleeping through the night.  I would like to thank her for both.


Blair said...

Beautiful family! Can't wait to see the twins. You look great, Lael. Prayers for a smooth delivery and recovery!

Andrea said...

Love the update! You look BEAUTIFUL! I swear I was that big with just one. I can't wait to hear about the twins arrival. I hope it all goes smoothly. Are you going to tweet it?! Ha!! :)