Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Catching up

I've actually accumulated quite a few pictures while not being able to post them. Here is a sampler of what goes on over here...

Who suspected this one would be guilty? Her brother helped.
This little plug & play Pac-Man game is actually the only type of tv gaming we have. Camille wanted to get in some secret training one morning.

Lucy's pride and joy, "Hermie", who accidentally got left behind in Houston.

Lucy really enjoys feeling the warm spring air - all over.

A boy and his dog.

Every since I read this post, I've really been wanting to stock up on some nice wooden blocks, but I found these foam ones, dirt cheap, so we're having fun them for now! (even though he isn't smiling).


Emily said...

Hey Lael,
Did you know you can make wooden blocks? We didn't make ours because we are about the two most un-handy people on the planet.... but blocks are really nothing more than 2x4s in different lengths/widths. Bridges etc can be made with a jigsaw if needed, but most blocks just require a handsaw and a 2x4. You can google wooden block plans or something like that and they will tell you what you need and what cuts to make. You don't even need to finish them with something... just sand and you're good to go. That's if you are handy and motivated, which we weren't. So this is basically me giving advice that I didn't follow;) Fun!
Anyway, also wanted to add that I LOVE your blog. Your captions always make me smile.

The James Family: Ang,DJ,Ryan,Phil,Max said...

Ah! Hermiiiiiiieeeeee!!!!!!!!! He was so excited to meet Lucy that morning!!!! So he didn't get to have a car ride to Lubbock eh?!??!
Atleast she has a special pic with him now!!!
The kids look so cute!!! Love The pics!
XOXOXOX to all,

Lael said...

I think Brad and I could easily beat you guys when it comes to most "un-handy people on the planet". Seriously... at least you know how to operate a pressure washer. This is good advice, though. We have a wonderful Pawpaw that might help us with this on a future visit. I think I should be able to handle the sanding part. Thanks for the tip!