Thursday, April 3, 2008

Things said around here

DELL has supposedly put my new power cord for the laptop in a box and sent it my way, but I don't have it yet. So, still no pictures, but I feel kinda wordy today.

L - Ooooh, can we get more kiweed at the store today??
Translation - more kiwi, please

K - I think I got a good antenna today.
Translation - You know, from being in the sun - I think I a good tan today.

C - I tolor on da taper.
Translation - I color on the paper.

C - Top, Pippit.
Translation - Stop, Pippin.

C - I pits!
Translation - I want to spit (while brushing teeth).

One more: As we walked by a JC Penney escalator being repaired the other day the older kids (and me, too) were mesmerized. Every single step had been removed and was stacked in a huge pile while two men in "oompa loompa" type white uniforms were working down in a waist deep hole. It was a huge, deep, greasy cave in between the purses and socks. Kilian said wow, they must be fixing it. Lucy said I think the battery stopped working. I couldn't help but laugh because I knew she was picturing these guys trying to get to the little box in the back where they replace two AA batteries!