Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Live and learn

So today is a work day for me. I only work 12 hours per week, from home on Monday/Wednesday. I "remote desktop" to my Carrollton, TX office and let Camille go play with her buddies at Parent's Day Out for a few hours.

This morning we had a training meeting and on my monitor I am able to see the live demonstration exactly as it appears projected up on the screen in the meeting room. At the same time, I am on a conference phone call, so I hear everything they say.

That also means they can hear everything over here. I was very proactive and turned off the radio and ceiling fan, spit out my gum, and had my papers in order so I wouldn't shuffle around too much. Next time, however, I will anticipate that after living in this house 10 months, the land owner across the alley will pick that day (the day of beautiful weather, with my squeaky windows raised) to send a loud beeping truck and several workers to pull up the 6 foot weeds. I'll remember that this will cause my puppy (that is usually very lazy in the morning) to get excited and jingle his little tags while making circles around the room.

I am hoping all the ruckus didn't get picked up by the phone, but it will really be interesting to see what they get to hear in June when kids are out of school!


Lillian said...

How about muting your phone so you hear them but not vice versa?

Craig works from home, too. And he HAS to mute during conference calls since we're all home and can make quite a ruckus! LOL!

Lael said...

Thanks! I've thought about that, but we only have one phone, and I don't see "Mute" on it. I wonder if there is another word for mute?? Maybe I need to go phone shopping if I will be joining more of these type of calls.

We only have one phone because we have Vonage or another internet phone like it that starts with "v". We haven't figured out how to make other phone jacks in the house connect to it.

Gee - our problem-solving skills need a little work, huh??

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

This made me giggle! Of course all that would happen - that's the way it works you know! :)


Lael said...

There is hope! I just learned I can mute by pushing *6 during the conference call.