Monday, July 14, 2008

The beauty of an empty box

Ahhh - I love that sight. We haven't seen enough of them though. We are completely in the new house and completely out of the old one, but not unpacked. I think it is the last couple of loads - the awkward shaped things you know you don't even really need - that give moving a bad name.

Well I said I would post some pictures of the new house when I found my USB, and I did!

The front

The other side of the front door
The shelf space of my favorite things in this house. Brad and I are going to fight over this. I want picture frames, lots of our better looking books, maybe some greenery, a clock, etc. He wants to squeeze about 200 theology books - many of which are old books with a library label on the spine (not stolen though), some missing a chunk of the spine, others with water damage etc. His very first load included books to claim these.
Don't get me wrong - I think his books are wonderful, but they are also wonderful on the cheapy fake wood bookshelves that fit in a bedroom...not the first thing you see when you walk in.My helper that day trying out the "bubbly tub".
Another favorite part - a 1/2 bath near the front of the house that I can let guests use without apologizing for pink and blue toothpaste globs everywhere. This texturing and painting had just been done over wallpaper.
and finally - wood floors. I've always wanted these!
The funny thing about the floors is that we don't have a rug or anything yet. All the couches, chairs, coffee table, etc, etc, are all on the carpet in the formal living (with whitish carpet) in the second picture. We also have not figured out what we can put on the feet of the furniture to protect the floor while we look for a rug, so if you visit us you either climb your way to a seat in the front room, or you stay on your feet and help me unpack!


Colleen said...

What a beautiful house! I'm sure it will serve you and your family well for a long time to come. Enjoy all that space and all those windows!

Lillian said...

Beautiful home! Congratulations!!!

For our wood floors, we bought little felt tabs to put on all the chair legs, etc. However, they came off eventually. I've tried to teach the children NOT to push furniture across the floor.

And I put a rug in front of the refrigerator because spills were occuring with getting ice and water.

I told them that they would NOT get in trouble if they spilled something or saw water on the floor AS LONG AS they tell me right away. They pretty much know to hurry up and pick up spills right away.

And their tap shoes were confiscated IMMEDIATELY!!! LOL!!

Also, I vote for pictures and nice books on those lovely bookshelves. As a fellow theologian, I vote BTJ's books go elsewhere. Tell him to see it as an exercise in humility and self sacrifice!! Besides, you're the one home all day and his books love him more than you!! LOL!! ;-)

The James Family: Ang,DJ,Ryan,Phil,Max said...

The boys and I are ooohing and awe-ing, Ryan wants me to say "Love the toilet!" LOL silly goose!
They kept waying "WOW, cool!"
We can't wait to visit!!!
Looks Great Guys!!!
Very Nice!!!!!!