Thursday, July 3, 2008


I had a pretty complex spreadsheet going when we were looking at houses. I listed features from size of backyard, to amount of traffic, to kids' closet sizes, to condition of flooring, and on and on.

I somehow forgot to include a "distance to Sonic" column. Sheesh!! Will someone please open up a new If not, then the cost of gas will make my occasional (perhaps even frequent) happy hour half-price beverage run not even worth the savings.

F.Y.I. I've found that the perfect way to order iced tea there is 1/2 sweet, 1/2 unsweet. It has to be less sugar than a vanilla Dr. Pepper.


Mike Giroir said...

The sonic factor is very high.. I didn't realize there weren't sonic's inside the loop so now I must tranvers Shepherd Dr. out past 610 to get to the closest one.. but now that summer school is out, happy hours abound.. miss you guys congrats on the house.
Mike Giroir

Liss and MOMMY said...

Loved seeing the new house today. I loved how Maude and Lucy just pick up from last time they saw each other and play together. Maude was sad she forgot to hug and say goodbye to Lucy. So we will have to come back by so we can do that.

Jeff W said...

Around here the sonic happy hour is overrated. The machine can't make enough slush for the slush drink. When you order a slush you just get a liquid drink with a little ice on top. Sonic's decreasing quality doesn't allow it to play in such a decision. I'm sure the rush on sonic may be slower out west though.