Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How to pick a new house

According to Kilian, it all depends on the number of flowers around the house, and the neighboring houses. The more flowers, the better odds of catching butterflies, snails, and bugs in general. However, if some of the flowers around a house happen to be roses, with thorns, the house is out of the question. Lucy likes to hop in the bath tubs. Camille likes to find a cabinet to hide in. I personally spend a little time picturing where we will put the Christmas tree. Brad mostly thinks about how much traffic will be going by it.

So, of course the house Brad and I picked has rose bush in the backyard with few other flowers. Our realtor was worried that he'd have to buy Kilian some ice cream or something when we broke the news to him.

I guess I haven't mentioned that we are closing on a house today (it is so late now that it is already Wednesday). We've been packing up around here, and although it has kind of become our July routine - it's still very exciting!! This is our third July to move in a row. Our kids think this is normal behavior - but this move will only be 4.1 miles away.

I've found a few good things about moving this often:
1. We saved our boxes, so now I just go grab one, tape the bottom, read what I wrote in marker before and go pack that same thing in it. Not much thinking involved.
2. It is a good way to decide what should be donated, tossed, etc. It is easy to remember if we ever used any given item in this house over the last year.
3. It is the best way to motivate us to really clean out the refrigerator and pantry!!

We will be giving away all our boxes after this move, and having to think of other motivation to clean the fridge, though. We really, truly, positively intend to stay put now ( can believe us this time!)

My USB cord is missing yet again, so I'll post some pictures of the rosebush and other parts of the house when I find it.


Colleen said...

I'm amazed at how relaxed you seem to be about moving. I would be freaking out! But, I guess you've had lots of practice. God be with you!

Jody said...

Wow! I am amazed you closed so quickly. The plus side to moving frequently is moving is so not a big deal. Happy New Home!

Erin said...

Wow are you guys in the military? Y'all move more than we do!! sure to give us an updated address for Christmas cards and such!

Lael said...

This is by far the least stressful move we've made. The "one chance to fit it in the big truck" is very different than a few days of minivan loads followed by a rented truck for the big stuff.

You are so right, Erin - that's funny!! We're telling Kilian that the next time he moves will be for college and Lucy that we'll be in this house when she learns to drive a car.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I'm SO excited for you guys! And only 4 miles away! It did seem like a nice part of town that you all were in.

Enjoy the preocess!