Wednesday, March 25, 2009

4th time around = a piece of cake

It was about this point in my pregnancy with Lucy that things were complicated (and even comical?). Most people I know have probably either remember this, or have at least heard this story before, but I wanted to have it in writing.

When we were just a family of three...ooh that chubby little cute Kilian...we lived in a small 2 bedroom house. We decided to move further out in the DFW suburbs to Wylie. We were building a new house with four bedrooms since we knew we wanted a large family.

We sold our 2 bedroom house a little faster than we expected, and of course our new house's expected completion date got bumped later and later until it landed on Lucy's due date, December 15th. We had 2 very generous and brave friends offer to let us live in their homes until ours was ready and we decided to take them up on it.

A couple of weeks before we had to be out of our old house, I fractured my foot. I was just walking to the parking lot for group lunch at Spring Creek BBQ. I somehow slipped, on a perfectly warm and sunny day, and wound up skipping the BBQ and being driven to the ER. It is hard to hop into a hospital on one foot when you are about 7 months pregnant.

So we managed to pack up everything, put it in storage, and move in with friend 1. A few weeks into that, Brad blew his ACL. So he had surgery and was on crutches, too.

Picture us homeless, both on crutches, chasing an almost 2 year old boy!

I got off crutches and we moved in with friend 2 on the day before Thanksgiving. Brad recovered fairly quickly, we celebrated Kilian's second birthday, then moved into our new house abut 36 hours before Lucy was born. It was wild, but we survived, had lots of fun with our friends for those weeks of being "roomies".


Coincidence?? Today, while I'm 7 months into this pregnancy I had to take Lucy to get her foot x-rayed to see if it was fractured. She has been limping for several days. Luckily it isn't.


Just before Camille was born, we decided to move from DFW to West Texas. Brad was interviewing and looking at houses before and after she arrived and we moved when she was about 6 weeks old.

So this time, we aren't moving. No one is starting a new job. No one is on crutches. This is so easy!!