Saturday, March 7, 2009

More little Camille funnies

  • Several mornings lately she will look down at her p.j.'s and if she doesn't have a nightgown on, she'll say "I don't look like a princess" and then insist on putting on a dress on right away. (Usually before she even has breakfast). She will then change dresses about 4 times a day. This is not helping my laundry situation.

  • "Look, the laundry gave me these beautiful socks!" she says as she runs into the room a clean matching pair (pulled up to her knees).

  • Camille, with her hands on her hips to Pippin after he scratched Kilian a little bit on the arm while they were playing outside: Pippin Thomas James!! (that is Kilian's middle name, not Pippin's)

  • Camille to Lucy after Lucy got caught pouring water back and forth from cup to cup in her room (and spilling): Lucy, if you do that one more 'gain, you're going to get a spanking!!

  • Camille to me, while Lucy is whining in the car: Oooh mom, I don't like the whining. Do you?

  • At the risk of letting everyone know where we are with potty training...she said I'm not too tired for the park. I'm just too tired to go get a diaper. She usually brings them to me when we need a change.


Liss and MOMMY said...

Maude insisted on wearing TUBE socks with skulls on them, with a pretty floral top and cute shorts. A friend of mine suggested stickers that say 'I dressed myself today.'