Saturday, April 25, 2009

Baby Stuff

This was me (and #4) at 36 weeks - I'm one week bigger now.

- I finally bought some Dreft and am planning to wash all of our gender neutral clothes, socks, blankets, burp clothes, etc. tomorrow. Funny how much I love doing tiny little, sweet smelling baby laundry, but am never so excited about folding everyone else's clothes. If Dreft was not so ridiculously expensive I might try using that for everyone's laundry. mmmmm I love that smell.

- In addition to the already clean yellow, white and green items, I will have one bag labeled "boy" and one labeled "girl" here ready and waiting for someone to wash while we're in the hospital. We also have 1 new 'going home' outfit for each scenario and will return the "not applicable" one.

- We have not agreed on a name for either boy or girl. I thought we had decided on one for a boy, but Brad has been spending lots of time shopping around for others. Girls' names.....we are all over the place. Here are the kids' suggestions:

Girl - Gabby
Boy - Brute

Girl - Sunny, Fern or Genevieve
Boy - Wilbur or Oliver

Girl - Annie
Boy - Zachary

Isn't she starting to look like a big sister?


Jen said...

Do I sense a Charlotte's Web theme for Lucy? I am voting for Brute or Genevieve!

Liss and MOMMY said...

Very cute names. I always liked Max and Owen for boys (if we had one more) and Olivia for a girl. Camille looks so big now. I hope y'all got to go to the Cactus Cuties. Cody was on call and we are in the process of trying to sell our house and buy one in Canadian. Weekends are crazy. Never busy enough I can't come see the new baby when he or she is born on May 14th!

Lael said...

Jen, you are right on the money with the inspiration for Lucy's names - and Genevieve is an actual contender.

Melissa, we didn't make it to the concert, but that is ok because some of their new songs from this show will likely be on youtube soon. We went shopping for baby stuff with Noni and to a park instead. We certainly hope to let this baby meet you guys before your big move! I'll know I'll be ready for him or her to arrive by the 14th! What part of the summer are you planning to move?

Katie said...

Don't forget to let me know as soon as that precious baby arrives. And if it turns out to be a baby boy, I'll be there with BOXES of clothes for the little guy, and if a precious princess arrives, well I'll go shopping! I can't believe how much your belly has grown in the few weeks since I've seen you!! You look great! Less than 2 weeks right??

Lael said...

Katie - Believe me, I will be ready to call you ASAP with the news. When I look at my stash of girl clothes vs. boy clothes, I know I'll be needing Rope's help if this is a boy. I also found a nice plain white onesie, ready to use with the sweet Aggie blanket! I can't wait. Pictures to come, of course. Enjoy your early Mother's Day.