Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter pics

As I looked through the handful of pictures we took on Easter weekend, I was definitely reminded of how neither Brad or I are photographers and our kids are not always the most photogenic. These are actually the best I came up with, but they at least give the general idea of how it went.

We decorated eggs on Saturday

Then we put on our comfy shoes and hunted eggs in the front yard on Sunday after a delicious lunch with my parents.

The bright sun came out for the first time as we attempted this hurt their eyes and I gave up and went inside.

Here they are with "Noni and G-Pa". I think the kids had already had enough of cameras - maybe I can switch this for a better one off my mom's camera? We'll see!

Rain, glorious music at Easter Mass, chocolate, great company and great was a wonderful Easter!


The James Family: Ang,DJ,Ryan,Phil,Max & Xavier said...

The girl's dresses are so pretty!!! Lucy has a classic beauty about her!!!I love Camille's ponytail in the adorable! And orange looks so good on Kilian..nice bright and clean cut, whatta handsome little guy he is!!! Ya'll have got some handsome kiddos!!! Looks like ya'll had a great Easter...I actually like the rock's cute.... :)
and the pic with Nonni and G-paw is precious....with the kids sprawled out all over the grandparents heheheh
The kids did GREAT with the eggs!!! I like the speckled ones!!! GOOD JOB guys!!!!