Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blue and Gold

A couple of weeks ago, we attended our first "Blue and Gold Banquet" as a cub scout family. Each scout made place mats for their family. The only rule was that both blue and gold should be used.

Here's our handsome Tiger Cub.

Here is a close-up of the tiger cub paw detail he thought of on his own. He punched out stars, then punched the paw out of the middle of the star, then pushed it down over paint to make it stick.

Kilian was a part of the color guard, carrying the Texas flag.
Those flags are heavier than they look!

He received his "most inventive" award for the pine car derby race

and got some stripes painted on his face. I have quite a bit to learn about these ceremonies if he decides to stick with scouts.

and finally - cupcake time. (Although this was obviously taken before the stripes were painted!)
Congratulations to Kilian and Brad (den leader) on a successful first year of scouting!