Friday, January 15, 2010

London - Part 3

OK - I survived my two main software releases and I have time to catch up a where was I? Oh yes - this is the second half of the day I posted about in London - Part 2.

Fall is my favorite season of the year, so getting to see London while the leaves were still falling and without all the peak crowds was extra nice.

We walked through this park on our way to Buckingham Palace.

We saw pelicans,

a cute little cottage,

and helpful signs for those of us whose husbands won't let us hold the guidebooks.

Queen Victoria's monument

Buckingham Palace - notice the grey coats, instead of red on the guard.

What? You can't see the guard? Please tell Brad I need a camera with a better zoom :) The guard and his big black bear skin hat are there. Click on the picture to expand.

Ornate gate just outside the palace

Buckingham at Sunset

Oliver turned 6 months that day...Happy 1/2 b-day, buddy!

Buckingham is right behind me. I got a picture of Oliver with the London Eye in the background. (top left). That is just a portion of what we walked that day...and my legs were not used to it at all.

More big fancy gates

It was dark by the time we got to Trafalgar Square. We enjoyed some hot latte and the pretty fountains anyway!

Here is one of the famous lion statues at Trafalgar. Most tourists were climbing all over these, but with Brad's bad knee and me wearing Oliver in a wrap - we settled for a picture like this. It sure did get dark early!


Bobbi said...

note to Brad: You need to get Lael a camera with a better zoom.


Lael: what's the significance between red and gray coats?

How does the baby wrap thing work, I have a baby ergo carrier and have used the bjorn but have never heard of a wrap? You guys look nice and cozy!!

thanks for sharing the pictures! I haven't updated my blog in about 7 months... ugh :). props to you, sista. (i guess i learned that from randy on AI).

Lael said...

Hi Bobbi -

The red coats are what you see on all the books, souvenirs, etc., but I guess the long gray ones are for winter. Not sure? I was just expecting to see red.

I use a Moby wrap. I also have a Hotsling and a Bjorn, but I like the Moby the best. It is just a really long piece of knit that you wrap around and around (per the instructions) and slip the baby in. They are very snug and secure.

Maybe you'll get back into a blogging mood. I'm sure your cute kiddos have given you plenty of material! Let me know when you do :)

Elizabeth said...

Loved the London pix. Made me want to go back! Can't believe it's been almost 22 years. I think St. Paul's and Westminster Abbey impressed me the most. Can't wait to hold that precious Oliver!
Love, Auntie Butch