Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kids at Play

The kids received some fun Christmas gifts in the "making stuff" category, which I love. The pictures were taken in Houston, the day after they received them, but they have all been used many times since we've been home.
Kilian doesn't own a single Lego, but Lucy does. She is very good about keeping them off the floor and away from Oliver (so far).
Kilian and I are so different. These "Pixos" come with ideas and instructions and I would follow them to the letter if I made one. He always changes it up and makes things a little bit different from the example.
Soon I'll post a video of the "band" we've formed at our house with the musical gifts they received. When are the next auditions for America's Got Talent?

Also, my goal is at least 10 posts per month - I'm set for January now!


Liss and MOMMY said...

Maude looked at the pictures with me. She said "We don't know Oliver like we know the other kids." We don't!! We need to get together, soon!!

Lael said...

I completely agree! Brad and I talk about how we would love to see Canadian sometime, but meeting in Tulia/Amarillo could also make for a fun visit. (or of course you are welcome to come stay here if you're up for the drive). Do you guys have your spring break all filled up with plans?