Saturday, January 16, 2010

London - Part 4

We started the next day with the Tower of London.

Guided by the Yeomen Warders (a.k.a. Beefeaters)
we entered "The Bloody Tower" by walking under this portcullis. You learn some gruesome, but fascinating history on this tour.

Something old, something the picture below you can see both the very modern egg-shaped London City Hall, and the green grass that grows where the Tower Moat used to be (1280 to 1843).
One of the residences that makes up the Queen's House inside the tower walls. I love the door!

We got much closer to one of the guards inside the Tower. Did you know many of these guys just returned from Iraq or Afghanistan? They are holding "live" weapons.
A better view of the Tower of London from a distance.
Tower Bridge in the background - partly under construction. Brad doesn't believe in re-takes. I would have taken at least 3 and chosen the best one to keep. Not him. Hair in your face? Too bad. Keep walking.
St. Paul's cannot show how big it is!

"Feed the birds, tuppence a bag"

Those steps are where the lady in Mary Poppins is sitting when she feeds the birds. We had fun watching that movie both before and after the trip.

Brad and Oliver are on the left, beside a column in front of St. Paul's.

Looking up at St. Paul's doors. So, so big!

We spent a lot of time inside St. Paul's, but could not take pictures. Brad climbed all 530 or so steps to the top dome for a nice view of London, while Oliver and I admired all the Christmas items in the gift shop.

The view from those front doors of St. Paul's.

We stepped out to get more latte, because I quickly became an addict. I wanted to remember the details of this coffee company, so I arranged these things and snapped pictures while Brad shook his head and rolled his eyes.

Then we went back into St. Paul's for Evensong. It is a daily evening service where the choir sings Anglican chant. Most of it was in Latin and we really enjoyed it.

Finally, back to the house. Don't we look proper while warming by the fire? I think it would have been even better if Brad had his pipe dangling from the corner of his mouth.
This time it is tea for me, not coffee.


Bobbi said...

awe, seeing these pictures of you makes me miss my old running buddy!!!! I sure hope I see you again one day. You look great.

So, why were you in London, did you say Brad has family there? Who's house are you in?