Thursday, January 28, 2010

Six Years Old

Lucy turned 6 in December. We celebrated by going to see "The Princess and the Frog" and eating out at any restaurant she wanted....and she picked CiCi's Pizza.

I made rainbow cupcakes for her to take to school. I hear both the cupcakes and the pretty paper cups were a hit. Thank you for this idea, Aunt Angela!

One of the gifts she received was a "create your own fairytale" book. She really got into this. Her first story was titled "Lucy and the Prince".

Six things that make Lucy happy (according to her):
1. holding Oliver
2. opening birthday presents
3. singing Christmas songs
4. playing at parks
5. dancing
6. tickling Camille
I honestly don't ever remember seeing Lucy ever tickle Camille, but I have seen Camille coming to me sobbing with REAL tears because Lucy told her that "she is going to have to marry the boring prince" on more than one occasion.


SimmonsFamily said...

That's hilarious!!! The boring prince. Hehe. Thanks for the good laugh, Lael. I love your blog. The London pictures are amazing.

Lael said...

Thanks, Elizabeth!