Thursday, June 4, 2009

The post that is not about the baby

The older kids do not spend 100% of their time oohing and aahing over Oliver. Our days are also spent dressing up and doing ballet in a very messy room with unmade beds (oops).

and even getting along with our sister most of the time.

We finally got around to trying Aunt Angela's recipe for "ooze".

Kilian brings in fresh roses everyday, and we enjoy the smell of them when we go outside in the evening. We also realize that we didn't prune them nearly enough since they are already as tall as the house!

and finally....

we eat


at sunset.


Katie said...

Aww! I recognize those dress up clothes! I'm so glad that they are still getting used. We had many hours of fun in those. btw the red dress Lucy has on was one of Hannah's dance recital costumes. And I totally agree with you on the "make-up" thing. It does seem weird, but when you are in the "environment" (for a lack of a better word) it just seems right. You should see all star cheer make up - holy cow its a bit much! LOL