Saturday, June 20, 2009


They may take our lives, but they'll never take our Threedom!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday, Camille.

*Post by Brad
*Quote from Braveheart - sort of.
*Picture and more words added by me

Camille turned 3 on Friday. We celebrated with her Grammy about a month early, with her godparents about a week early, with my parents 2 days early, and at home with just us on Friday. She is probably confused about how a normal birthday works now, but definitely knows how many fingers to hold up!

3 things about Camille:

1 - I love it when she walks up to me with a sad look on her face and with a book in her hands and says, "Can you read this to me? I don't 'bamember' all the words".

2 - This girl can eat some spicy food. Tamales, salsa, beef jerky, you name it...she can usually handle it. BUT she cannot handle any kind of mint - it's "too 'picy".

3 - Typical Camille attire:
  • White, orange and yellow shirt
  • Red and white gingham bloomers, worn inside out
  • Purple head band worn like a basketball player from the 70's
  • Mud on her face from helping Kilian find earthworms
  • Pink shoes on the wrong feet.


Quite Sensible Indeed said...

What a cutie girl! Love the outfit...please do not make her change before going in public. Pre-parent I would have made judgement. Now I would make a point to compliment her on her wonderful style.

She is a smart gal...what is not to understand about a one month celebration of Camille?!?