Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Boy Stuff

Little boy socks that look like little boy shoes. I love these!

Boy sleeping in the swimming pool he worked so hard to blow up. (stuffed animals were added by little girls prior to bed time).

Our good friend Zachary and his parents visited us from Carrollton, TX a week and a half ago. Kilian was so happy to have friend with similar interests over. If those 2 sisters would have just left them alone! Thank you to Zach and his family for all the delicious meals, help, gifts and fun! Here are the 3 boys leaning in for a picture. (Ok, maybe Oliver is leaning the wrong way)

Since Kilian was about 4 years old, he has had a habit of planting seeds and pits from foods we eat. We should have left dozens of apple, peach, cherry, and orange trees, as well as kiwi and strawberry plants in the yards of our last few houses. Most of the time, nothing happens, but Brad and I recently noticed this plant growing in our front flower bed. Anyone want to come over for watermelon in a couple of months?? It has actually grown twice this big since I took this picture last week.

and finally, a one month old little boy that makes me smile all day... and even a few times during the night.


Quite Sensible Indeed said...

We have the cowboy boot socks in the washer at this very moment! So cute.

Kilian blew up the pool all by himself? Way to go! That must have taken hours. I'm very impressed.

Jen said...

I wish someone had planted watermelon at my house!