Monday, June 1, 2009

One Week of Oliver

Actually, this can be one week of Oliver at home, since he is just a few minutes past a week and 2 days old now. He is a super easy-going baby, even when being passed around between 3 siblings multiple times each day.

Some observations:
  • Newborns sleep ALOT. I somehow forgot how many hours a baby can sleep.

  • A good way to make your "underweight" almost 3 year old grow really fast is to bring home a newborn. Camille seems so much bigger now!

  • 3 of out 3 siblings agree, there is nothing sweeter than the smell of newly shampooed baby hair!

  • When your baby starts out at 8 lbs 8 oz, some of the size "newborn" onesies will never be used!

  • Although I love pink and purple and girly stuff, I am really enjoying seeing this when I open his little sock drawer.

Kid funnies

Camille must have been pretty serious about her name choice. She called Oliver "Zachary" pretty consistently for the first 4 or 5 days. Then she started correcting herself, so his name would be "Oliver not Zachary Thomas James". Then there were a few "Zaaacholiver" times, and now I think he is just "Oliver".

Lucy's words to me: "Oliver is the cutest baby you ever laid....I mean borned". She also finds that she can't stop using the word "cute" when looking at him and talking about his fingers, ears, clothes, etc.

Kilian spends less time right there in Oliver's face than the girls do, but a couple of times a day he'll wash hands and want a quick fix by holding him. The first time Kilian saw me in the hospital room after Oliver arrived, he said "your tummy is shorter than it was!".

Some firsts
Chik-fil-a (not drive through) @ 3 days old
Public Library @ 3 days old
Target @ 5 days old
Sonic @ 1 week...I know...what took so long for that one?? It is because I still don't have a minivan and have not driven yet. Our transmission repairs should be complete today or tomorrow.


Quite Sensible Indeed said...

Great update! So cute and tiny in his carseat. Are you trying to show off about the sleeping? I am hopeful his little friend across the pond will follow his lead but trying to be prepared just in case.

Love Kilian washing his hands first - I can see that about him.

Wish I were there to bring dinner!

Tony, Emily, Sam & Ollie Norris said...

congrats on your little Oliver!! Great name! We found out today that we will be parents of a girl. It's gonna be nuts! :)