Tuesday, February 22, 2011

For Grammy

...who recently found a shirt handmade by her mom when she was a tiny baby. Knowing how fast Miss G is growing, Grammy sent it in the mail so that we could try it on.

It fits! She seems to like it.

* * * * *
Grammy and Pawpaw live in the much hotter and more humid Houston area. Grammy enjoys visiting us and our cooler, more dry weather. Pawpaw would prefer the warm weather to follow him up here when they visit.

So speaking of contrasting weather...this February we enjoyed record-breaking heat - 84 degrees -exactly one week after record-breaking cold - wind chill of negative 20ish. No wonder these girls are confused. Ever seen such crazy kids wearing swimsuits with not a bit of green in the grass (minus a couple of weeds) and no leaves on the trees?


Anonymous said...

Wow that shirt looks great!!!
How sweet!!!!


Anonymous said...

What's with the dead grass?

Lael said...

This is just what Lubbock looks like in February!