Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Genevieve's Baptism

Our sweet baby girl was baptized on February 5, 2011.

We were supposed to have a Saturday morning ceremony with 5 other babies. 4 of them cancelled, probably due to the very cold and icy weather we had been having. So instead, we had a very small private ceremony with just two babies.
Our photographers were two first graders.

Lucy and Mac did a great job

but we have lots from this angle!
us with the deacon
Genevieve and her wonderful godparents

The older kids were happy we chose Lubbock rather than London, so they could see it this time.

the peanut gallery - 9 kids between the C family and us

In all past baptisms, I changed the baby out of the gown before leaving. I had her buckled up before I realized what I had done.
This gown was a baby gift at our shower in Houston before Kilian was born. There are tons of tiny pleats and Brad's mom's friend, Olga, ironed it for us (perfectly) before Lucy wore it in 2004, and I've been very careful to not wrinkle it too much since then...until now.

At home afterwards

a cake* to celebrate
*This will be my "go to" sweet for all events now. I threw together a similar one for Lucy's birthday, and then copied it for the baptism. Lazy much? I guess. It sure was good though.


Colleen said...

She's just precious, Lael! Welcome to the Body of Christ, Genevieve!

Anonymous said...

She looks ANGELIC!!!! She is JUST PERFECT!!! Great pictures!
She looks like she did quite well too!!!!
Everyone looks great!