Monday, February 7, 2011

Little Big Brother

Some friends of ours had a baby boy (also their fifth) one month before Genevieve was born. That mom and I agree that it is not the fifth baby that makes our In both cases, it is the fifth baby's toddler brother that makes
Oliver is 20 months now. I wanted to document was he is up to and in to these days.
He loves his cars and choo choo's.

And getting stuck going after them, too.

He loves talking on his plastic banana phone.

And sharing plastic grapes with "Baby"
"Gigi" is what he is calling her more and more.

He also shares plastic broccoli

and what else did he get at the plastic food store??

Ah yes, plastic red pepper!
When I remove her from the situation, he rests from all that shopping and sharing in her cradle.

When he sees me holding Genevieve, he'll often drop to the floor on his back and pat his chest, saying "howd baby"
He loves his Daddy.
He still loves to "cook", so he can be found waiting at the front door for his Noni while carrying around a skillet.

At first I discouraged him from climbing into the baby swing, but once he pops the tray down into place, he is stuck. Now I let him, and enjoy those few moments that I know he is not making a mess.
Becaue he is getting pretty good
at making messes.
He likes to play "down, set, hut"

and kiss his "Baby Gigi"
until he is plain worn out.


Anonymous said...

HE is so cute!! I wanna kiss those chubby cheeks!!!!

Well he and his cousin Xavier have a lot in common.....

Xavier is extremely inquisitive, to put it nicely...LOL
Also a number 4 :)
HE is opening the fridge, dishwasher and knows how to unscrew jars...eeeekkkk
we have had some collosal messes....

They def keep themselves occupied, dont they?!?!?

Ohhh I can see it now, Xavier and in crime.....;)

Quite Sensible Indeed said...

Oh Oliver! Your post made me laugh out loud! I like seeing what you are up and in to these days. XO - Jody