Thursday, February 24, 2011

Valentines Day 2011

All things pink, red, heart, cherry and chocolate made for a great heart day in Jamesnia.

Lucy wanted to take my picture since I had pink on. This may be the first pic I have of me holding a carrier, which has been a pretty common sight over the last 9 years.

More photos by Lucy. I am getting good at holding two sweethearts at once.

heart leotard for gymnastics

home "heart attack" idea I found on this blog

Each family member writes what they love about the other family members on a heart and they are displayed on the walls.
Some favorites:
Camille - I love Lucy becus rockstar
Kilian - I love mom because she copies some good recipes (meaning I don't ever make up any original recipes. He wanted "to be honest" he said.)
Lucy - I love Camille becus she is yong.
Brad - I love Genevieve because she saves all her poopy diapers for when only mom is around.
Everyone loved hearing nice things about themselves. We will be certainly be making this a tradition. Can you tell what is different between the picture above and the picture below?

Cannot ever have enough hand print art!

Kilian cut out the heart shape

He sure values originality (see comment about my cooking above). He also didn't want to buy valentines for friends. He cut out hearts and folded and stapled them to make little pouches for Hershey's kisses instead.

Now I know that food always looks gross in pictures unless you have proper lighting (and a better camera). Well Lucy invented chocolate stew and by the time Kilian talked her into some finishing touches...believe me. This picture does do it justice.

I never tried it, but Brad did. I was thrown by the hot spice tea mix and banana chunks. Lucky for me, Lucy wrote out her recipe so she could recreate it any time I'm ready to try it.


Anonymous said...

I am on cuteness overload I want to SQUEAL hahahahah
Genevieves pictures up top are SO precious!!!! and they GO TOGETHER, the top and then her legs...SO CUTE!!! She looks like she is getting so big and is so chunky healthy cute!!! She even smiled for you Momma!! I love it!

AWESOME Photography LUCY!!!!
I am impressed!!! Sweet leotard!!!
You look so pretty Lucy!

What a WONDERFUL Valentines Tradition....what a great idea!!!! (Heart Attack)

Camille is so funny...ROCKSTAR LUCY!

Awwww Oliver's cute little chubby hands!!!! So cute!

Kilian is so thoughtful!!!!! Homemade Valentines!!!

Hmmmm chocolate Stew eh?!?!?
VERY creative Lucy!! I like that!