Monday, February 2, 2009

Free advice from me

- Always move the sit and spin out of the main walk way before going to bed.

- Go grocery shopping during a super bowl game you don't care about. It's not crowded at all!

- Brush your teeth right before you go to the grocery store, no matter what time of day. It helps me not want to buy sweets.

- A fool proof way to stop thinking about the shin you banged on the open dishwasher is to then rub your eyes after chopping a jalapeno.

- When walking into a church on an icy sidewalk, let your 2 year old hold your hand and walk beside you. Don't carry her. Then when you slip and fall you don't drop her.....yeah. That happened recently. She had on a nice thick coat that cushioned her fall, though. I was a little bruised.

So what have I learned? I'm a very clumsy, lazy shopper that has a sweet tooth!


The James Family: Ang,DJ,Ryan,Phil,Max & Xavier said...

Awww Momma!!! You are in the clumsy phase huh?!?!?!
BECAREFULLLLL LADY!!! I know, easier said than done!!! I fell down the stairs at 5 months!! I only fell like 3 steps and landed on my butt and back, but still.....
Ouch...the jalepeno and eye accident is making me cringe!!!
whoah it sounds like you are all bruised up...awww!
I am going to have to try the brushing my teeth trick when grocery shopping.....