Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Warning - potty training post!

Probably will not be considered interesting to everyone. or anyone.

Camille is really ready to potty train. She announces every time anything happens in her diaper. I stocked a drawer with training panties and pull-ups for night, but I haven't had that "today is the day" feeling yet. So several times I've noticed that she changed into a pull-up on her own when her diaper was wet. Other times she'll just bring me a new diaper and wipes.

I waited until the older kids were over 3 to get serious about it (I know, I'm lazy), but Camille is different. If only she wasn't so teeny tiny that she can still fall right through our cushioned Dora the Explorer training seat that is supposed to make things less scary for her up there. and the potty is "up there" for her.

Anyone ever tried one of these potty watches? I'm tempted.


Liss and MOMMY said...

We didn't try the potty watch (probably because that didn't have them when we potty trained) but we did use the alarm clock on the oven. Every 20-30 minutes and lots of liquids for the day. kool-aid, caprisuns whatever they wanted just lots of it. Good luck Camille!

Quite Sensible Indeed said...

I found this post very interesting. I like to stay up on the latest potty training tools since you know I like to potty train ASAP. They can still take a bottle at 2 but they have to give up the diapers!

Jen said...

I paid Jake to potty train. He was over 3, because I too am lazy. So I finally promised him 25 cents to pee and $1 to poop. Sad, but it worked!

Lael said...

That's funny - Jen! I usually bribe with M&M's, but may consider the $$ if needed. I guess it is still a good deal when you consider the cost of diapers and pull-ups!

Jen said...

It's works really well if they don't realize you're recycling the same money over and over. Very cheap that way!