Thursday, February 19, 2009

One more reason I like blogs

Yesterday I told Kilian to go change from shorts to jeans because it was almost time to leave. He sighed, and then kind of groaned and jumped up and down - kind of a quick mini-tantrum, but without tears or whining. I grabbed my camera and asked him to do it again, so I could put it on the computer for everyone to see. His eyes got really big and he marched off to his room. I'll be using this tactic again.


Liss and MOMMY said...

Every once in a while if something funny happens Aidan will look up and ask "Are you going to put this on your blog mommy?"

Anonymous said...

Hmmm I have to use that one!!!
Although I may use up all the memory space blogger will allow too quickly!!! LOL

The boys LOVE showing off their projects on here...:)

The James Family: Ang,DJ,Ryan,Phil,Max & Xavier said...

that annonymous was me..oops