Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy puppiversary to us!

Dear Pippin,

We can't believe you have been a part of our family for a whole year now. I remember how cute you were with your so called "full-blooded dachshund" brothers and sisters when I bought you last year. I think your previous owner's pulled a fast one on me. You are not nearly as cute now, but still a pretty good looking dog.

I apologize for all the times you've had to hear how "Pandora never did this" and "Pandora was so good about that" over and over. I bet it is hard to be the puppy that follows a dog that would be a saint, if dogs could be saints. Surely that isn't my fault for only spending about 5% as much time with you as I did with Pandora.

We've had some good times with you, like the time you chewed up Lucy's pink shoe. Or the time you decapitated a couple of our plastic dinosaur toys. Or those times you stayed outside for hours and hours, then came inside and immediately pooped on the tile right by the door. Ahhh. good times, Pippin.
Actually, you've come a long way in the last year. The kids all love you. I appreciate how gentle you are with them. I also appreciate that you give me some incentive to go for walks. I guess I'll keep you around for a while longer - just try to be more like Pandora...and try to make your nose all wrinkly and cute like it used to be.