Wednesday, May 20, 2009

and the Dr. said...

No changes at all!

I have another appointment next Wednesday and then they are saving a spot for me at the hospital to induce next Friday, May 29th if need be. That will be a full two weeks late, and I can still cancel that if I want to as long as my blood pressure stays low.

They also did a stress test on the baby today to make sure things look good and they do. So now we just wait. I was induced with the first three and am insisting that we see what happens without an i.v. and pitocin this time. I want it to be just like in the movies where I say, "'s time!".

Now I'm going to go walk the dog some more!


ssburrow said...

Hey Lael, I know how you feel. Blake was the only one that came on his own. All the other 3 were induced. Maybe it will come this weekend. Love ya Zane