Friday, May 8, 2009

Soccer, Strawberries and Saturated Fat

While waiting for baby, we've been staying busy. Camille continues to change dresses about 4 times a day. Sometimes she adds interesting accessories such as her brother's t-ball cap and soccer cleats.
Kilian is enjoying this soccer season. He tried it when he was 4 and did not care for it, so we took a long break. He is much more into it now. No more picking up trash and playing with the ants in the middle of the games. I sure wish I had a camera with decent zoom...*hint to Brad*.

A funny, but telling, picture that Brad got. Here are me and my belly acting as a jungle gym for the girls at a game.

And finally - Miss Lucy with some strawberry glasses at the dentist. She did great during her checkup!
An interesting note about afternoon she wanted cereal and milk, but we were out of milk (bad mom). I said she could try it with half and half and poured a little bit. She LOVED it and asks for it all the time now. I usually pour a combination of milk and half and half in her bowl now. I think she is still under the 10th percentile in weight, (50th in height) and we're not at all worried about his new habit.


Katie said...

Oh Lucy looks more and more like you everyday!! Can't wait for that little one!! Hurry up baby James! :) BTW - Happy Birthday and Mother's Day tomorrow.