Saturday, May 16, 2009

Planning ahead

One of Kilian's very best friends, *B*, who happens to be a girl, is moving to Germany a couple of days after school is out. Her dad is in the army, and they are hoping to come back and live here after he retires in a few years. Since there is not a new baby in our family yet, we were able to attend a surprise going away party for her this morning. It was at a paint your own pottery place and all her 1st grade friends signed a plate for her to take to Germany.

So as soon as he woke up today and I told him the plans, Kilian went outside and cut 5 roses for her...completely his idea. Then while he was putting his shoes on he asked how old people are when they get married. I answered that they are usually in their 20's or 30's. He asked if *B* would be back before she was 20.

As I typed this, I remembered posting another story about these two from about a year ago. Click here to read it. I'll have to get her mom's permission to post a picture of them together. They are sure going to miss each other!