Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Day Squared

This year Mother's Day fell on my birthday, and I've been well taken care of. I got to:

  • choose a homemade meal at my parents last night (grilled salmon, fixins and layered pudding dessert)

  • be served breakfast in bed by Kilian this morning- all by himself. He was the first one awake, so he made his version of cinnamon toast and brought it to me with a cup of water

  • take Camille to the nursery at church, and had two very well behaved kids all during mass. Lucy twirled my wedding rings around and Kilian held my other hand and leaned me

  • take a nap on the couch

  • eat at one of my very favorite restaurants (Texas Roadhouse and without a wait!)

  • fish a bouncy ball out of a toilet

  • But did not get to have this baby - at least not yet. There are still about 2 hours left, so we'll see!


Alexis D. said...

Sounds like a great day!

ssburrow said...

It will happen soon! I glad that you had a great birthday. Zane

Lael said...

Oooh - and thank you SO much for the birthday surprise, Zane! I love it and it made a fun lunch outing with Melissa even more fun!! You are so sweet to remember me.