Thursday, May 14, 2009

Guess who borrowed my camera?

Maybe she's right, it was time for a Lucy picture on here.

An why not add a story? I try to limit sweets for the kids. Unless they have lost their "sweet privileges" for a day, they get to pick one sweet afternoon snack. On Monday night, Lucy lost her sweet privileges for Tuesday, which happened to be the day I bought some ice cream sandwiches. So Tuesday afternoon she had to watch her brother and sister eat one, while she had popcorn.

Wednesday at school, they surprised the kids with snow cones at recess (and it was a very hot day). I didn't know about them until Lucy found me and announced that all the kids had one except her. She told the teachers that she was saving her "sweet" for ice cream sandwich at home. I am super impressed with her discipline, and it cracks me up that she was not taking any chances on missing out again.


Katie said...

That first pic is the very first stages of a "myspace face" LOL! I see them from all the jh and hs girls! LOL She is so cute!